People who buy from now on a Transmission ticket for Transmission 19.1.13 in Prague’s o2 arena can access this event for free. This offer is valid as long as the maximum capacity is not reached*. A limited amount of tickets only for this event go in sale through the Ticketpro network. Those tickets can be purchased for 590 CZK (regular) and 1.250 CZK (VIP) We advise everybody to act quick and purchase your tickets on time to be sure you don’t have to miss this special unique event as most probably we will reach the maximum capacity. In case we don’t, tickets at the door will be sold for 690 CZK (regular) and 1.350 CZK (VIP)


Scream album release tour

Markus Schulz (extended set) & Khomha


PVA Expo Prague

Doors open: 21:30 hr.

Start: 22:00 hr.

End: 06:00 hr.


Tickets: (Transmission ticket sale CZ) (Transmission ticket sale int.)


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*If the maximum capacity for this event is reached from then the Transmission ticket sold will be marked with “only valid 19.1.13” Those Transmission tickets don’t give you free access to the Scream album tour event 17.11.12.